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Seasonal Specials
For those of us at Kathey's Kakes, we absolutely love the holidays.  We'll be dressing
up the store with several Christmas trees and Christmas decor galore!  

We'll also be dressing up our menus with seasonal specials.  Some of the items listed
on this page are already on our menus, but this can be a starting point for you to plan
your holiday menu.

As always, if there is something that you want on your holiday menu and you don't see
it listed, just ask us.  We'll probably be glad to work it in to your menu!

We cater many Christmas parties each year, so make sure you book early!  We can
cater your company Christmas party, family get-togethers, or any other type of holiday
event.  We'll be glad to work with you in any way possible!  

Merry Christmas!  Jesus is the reason for the season!
Cornbread Dressing: Kathey's dressing has become famous with our clients over the last 10
years.  It's wonderful and cannot be described with words: you just have to eat it!

Turkey Breasts: seasoned just right and slow-cooked until tender and succulent.

Honey-Glazed Ham: just like the turkey, the ham is seasoned and then cooked until just right.

Orange-Glazed Pork Loin over Rice Pilaf: one of my favorite meals!  An orange glaze &
seasoning is put on the pork, then it is cooked until just perfect.  
Served over a rice pilaf that is equally as good as the pork.

Sweet Potato Casserole:  This is Ginger's signature dish.  A decadent mixture of sweet potatoes
is topped with a streusel.  It's supposed to be a vegetable, but it's good enough to be dessert!

Broccoli Casserole: Who goes through the holidays without eating broccoli casserole?  No huge
chunks of broccoli in our casserole.  Just perfectly blended ingredients that create a taste that
takes you back to eating at your grandmother's house on Thanksgiving Day.

Cranberry Salad: cranberries, jello, celery and pecans are combined for a perfect combo!

You definitely cannot skip dessert during the holidays!
Pecan Pie or Pecan Tarts
Caramel Apple Cheesecake
Carrot Cake
Fruitcake or Fruitcake Cookies
Red Velvet Cake
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Pumpkin Roll
Triple Chocolate Cranberry Cookies
This page updated on 06/21/2018.
To book your holiday party or holiday order, please call 931-372-0612 or email info@katheyskakes.com.  
Thanksgiving orders must be picked up by 5pm on November 21, 2018.  
Christmas orders must be picked up by 5pm on December 23, 2018 .    
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