What Do We Offer?
Although Kathy began her business with cakes
and other desserts, it has grown into so much
more.  Kathy began pursuing full-service
catering ten years ago.

Kathey's Kakes Unlimited offers everything from gourmet boxed
lunches to catering major corporation events.  We cater to each
client's specific needs and wants for their event.  Our staff
works hard to make you look great in front of your clients!

We have catered corporate events, company picnics, factory
plant tours, fundraisers, executive luncheons, brunch open
houses, weddings, and so much more!  We do many holiday
parties and events, especially October through December.  If
you have a party you want catered during those months, don't
hesitate to book early.

Please note that Kathey's Kakes Unlimited does not cater any
events on Sundays.  We take this time for worship and rest.
"Put your party in our hands.  
We'll do the work; you'll receive the applause."
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This page updated on 06/24/2018.