Black Forest Cake: We make 2 different Black Forest cakes, both authentic
German recipes.  These are very time-consuming cakes, and therefore, are
more expensive than our other cakes.

Boston Cream Pie: a round yellow cake filled with Bavarian cream, topped
with rich chocolate ganache.

Carrot Cake: Our carrot cake is an old family recipe.  Fresh carrots, cinnamon and
other spices make the perfect combination.  Finished with cream cheese frosting
with chopped pecans.  Comes in 2-layer rounds, 2-layer squares, or 1-layer

Coconut Cake: a white cake soaked with cream of coconut as soon as it
comes out of the oven.  It is then frosted with buttercream with coconut and
topped with fresh coconut.  Customers love this cake with raspberry filling.

Crumb Cake: a buttery yellow cake filled with a cinnamon, brown sugar
"crumb" mixture.  Baked in a bundt pan, this cake has no frosting.  It goes
great served warm with coffee.

German Chocolate Cake: a traditional German chocolate cake with fresh
coconut & pecan frosting.  Only comes in 2-layer rounds.

Italian Cream Cake: a classic cream cake filled with coconut and pecans.  
Frosted with buttercream icing.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake: baked in a black iron skillet, this
mouth-watering cake is moist with pineapple rings, maraschino cherries and
brown sugar.  There is no frosting on this cake, and it CANNOT be decorated.

Red Velvet Cake: a red-tinted cake full of cocoa, this holiday cake is a classic
favorite.  Cream cheese frosting finishes off this moist cake.

Sour Cream Pound Cake: a dense pound cake with sour cream, orange &
lemon flavorings.  Goes great with fresh fruit salad.

Strawberry Cake: a heavy, moist cake filled with REAL strawberries!  This is
our top-selling cake!  This cake is finished off with cream cheese frosting.  If
you really want to go all out, add strawberry filling to your cake!
Specialty Cakes
This page updated on July 8, 2018.
German Chocolate Cake