Kathy Massa is the owner and operator of Kathey's
Kakes Unlimited.  Her youngest daughter, Ginger,
works full-time with the business as well.

Over 25 years ago, Kathy took cake decorating
classes as a hobby.  At first she only made cakes
for friends and family.  It wasn't long, though,
until other people began ordering cakes for
birthdays and special occasions.

The first time someone approached her about
making their daughter's wedding cake, Kathy said
no.  She didn't believe she could do justice to a
cake so special.  The lady talked her into it,
however, and she has been making wedding cakes
ever since then.  Over 25 years and countless
cakes later, people are still coming to Kathy for
wedding cakes.

After being out for 20 years, Kathy decided to go
back to school to finish her degree.  In 1997 she
graduated from
Tennessee Technological
University with a degree in Food Systems
Administration and a minor in Business.

After managing in several different establishments,
Kathy decided to pursue her own business.  Her
daughter, Ginger, moved back to
Cookeville from
Nashville after graduating from
University.  Ginger came on staff full-time to help
the business grow.  She now manages the
company, makes most of the desserts, does all of
the website design and maintenance, as well as
doing much of the cooking.   Kathy, however, is
the brains behind the business.  She does all of the
main cooking, from her own recipes, as well as
doing all of the number crunching and planning for
the events we cater.  She does what she loves and
is great at it!

We have gone from just offering cakes to being a
full-service catering company for Cookeville and
the Upper Cumberland area.  

From the beginning we decided that word-of-mouth
was the only advertising we wanted to do.  People
continue hearing about us from our clients, and
because of this, our business continues to grow.

Kathey's Kakes Unlimited relocated in 2006 to a
larger location.  We are now located at
227 E.
Spring St., just off the square in Cookeville, TN.  
This new space is allowing us to have a retail
front.  In July, 2006 we opened to the general

As of 2011, we changed our name to Kathey's
Kakes & Catering.  We want to be completely clear
about who we are and what our company offers.  
Who we are
Kathy is a breast cancer survivor!  Please click
on the banner below to give underprivileged
women access to mammograms.
Kathy Massa
Ginger Massa
This page updated on June 21, 2018.