How To Order:
1. Call or email to find out if your date is available.
2. Pick your menu from items listed on this page.
3. Call or email your menu and we will give you a price.
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Full Service Catering
  •  tender, succulent roast beef au jus
  •  black Angus hamburger steak with mushroom gravy
  •  slow-cooked beef pot roast with country vegetables (potatoes, carrots, onions)
  •  honey-glazed ham with pineapple sauce
  •  orange-glazed pork loin over wild rice pilaf
  •  center cut, glazed, boneless pork chops
  •  pulled barbecue pork shoulder
  •  chicken casserole with almonds & mushrooms / hot chicken salad casserole
  •  chicken & rice casserole
  •  marinated boneless, skinless chicken breast
  •  bone-in or boneless barbecue chicken
  •  fried or grilled chicken tenders with sauces
  •  parmesan chicken, breast or tenders
  •  swiss steak with peppers, onions & tomatoes
  •  meatloaf
  •  turkey with cornbread dressing / chicken & dressing casserole (seasonal only)
  •  three-cheese beef lasagna / veggie lasagna
  •  pasta veggie salad
  •  baked four-cheese ziti
  •  gemilli three-cheese pasta (mac-n-cheese)
  •  angel hair pasta with meat sauce
  •  baked rigatoni and ham with four cheeses
  •  baked potatoes / twice-baked potatoes (50pp. or less only)
  •  rosemary oven-roasted potatoes / potato wedges
  •  mashed potatoes / cheesy mashed potatoes  
  •  sweet potato casserole / candied sweet potatoes
  •  green beans (almondine) / green bean casserole
  •  baked beans / hashbrown or potato casserole
  •  green peas & carrots / glazed baby carrots
  •  creamed corn / whole kernel corn / corn on the cob
  •  broccoli casserole / steamed broccoli, cauliflower, carrot medley
  •  Asian veggie medley / roasted veggies
  •  tossed garden salad with assorted dressings
  •  Caesar salad / Italian Caesar salad
  •  spinach salad with homemade poppyseed dressing
  •  creamy coleslaw / sweet & spicy coleslaw
  •  broccoli, peanut, raisin salad
  •  broccoli, carrot, raisin, apple salad
  •  fresh fruit salad
  •  marinated vegetable salad
  •  Italian garden salad (fresh roma tomatoes, cucumbers, onion rings and cubed mozzarella cheese
    in an Italian vinaigrette)
  •  potato salad
  •  black bean and corn salad
  •  cheesy vegetable chowder / cheesy broccoli
  •  loaded potato / chunky chicken noodle
  •  vegetable / vegetable beef / beef stew
  •  chili
  •  Mexican chicken soup / chickadilla
  •  chicken salad croissants / wraps
  •  club sandwich
  •   ham & cheese roll-up with zesty pepper relish
  •  submarine sandwich (3 meats, 1 cheese)
  •  turkey sandwich with homemade cranberry salsa / turkey gobbler
  •  turkey caesar wrap
  •  english tuna with spinach & sprouts (on bread or wrap)
  •  roast beef roll-up
  •  pimento cheese
  •  pulled pork bbq sandwich
For a detailed description of sandwiches, please click here.
  •  yeast rolls
  •  garlic bread / French bread
  •  croissants
  •  buns
  •  sweet tea / unsweet tea / fruit tea
  •  water / bottled water
  •  kool-aid / lemonade
  •  coffee with assorted creamers
  •  chocolate cake with fudge frosting or cupcakes
  •  cheesecake (plain or with fruit topping) / cheesecake cupcakes
  •  homemade banana pudding (for groups of 35 or less only)
  •  dessert tarts (fruit / fudge / pecan / lemon / chess)
  •  triple chocolate brownies
  •  chess bars
  •  apple crisp
  •  orange cake with chocolate buttercream
  •  cherry pie delight
  •  coconut cake
  •   yellow cake with fudge frosting
  •  German chocolate cake or cupcakes
  •  sour cream pound cake (with or without fresh fruit)
  •  fruit cobblers (peach, mixed berry, cherry)
  •  French coconut pie
  •  strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting or cupcakes
For more desserts please click here.  Please note that not all desserts prepare well for large groups.  Because of
this, we may decline to prepare certain desserts for some groups.
This page updated on 06/22/2018.
Oven Roasted Potatoes
Baked Ziti
Spinach Strawberry Salad
Loaded Potato Soup
Assorted Wraps
Tomato Basil Fresh Mozzarella & Pine Nuts
Marinated Baked Chicken
Chicken, Almond & Mushroom Casserole
Beef Pot Roast with Country Vegetables
Mashed Potatoes
Honey Glazed Ham